Q- Do we consider tailor made order?

A- We plan to start the same as soon as we have adequate logistical support for the same. However, currently, we don’t consider customized orders.

Q- Do we consider Bulk order?

A- We plan to continue our business in B2C model. Therefore, we don’t consider bulk orders.

Q- Can the orders be gift-wrapped?

A- Yes, by paying a nominal gift-wrapping fee.

Q- Is there a minimum order quantity?

A- Yes, there is a minimum order quantity. However, delivery for lower quantity can also be requested by paying applicable delivery charges.

Q- Are there any delivery charges applicable?

A- If the order value is below the MOQ, customer needs to pay delivery charges. If applicable, a customer will be able to know the same at the time of checking out.

Q- What are the different modes through the customer can place the order?

A- Currently the orders can be placed using our portal tasteofindore.store or via our app, which can be downloaded from Google Play store. We are also exploring other means for accepting the orders.

Q- What are the different modes of payment?

A- Currently we are accepting online payments only, though we are exploring other options as well.

Q- Delivery out of India?

A- We have started delivering International. We are however only entertaining Rupee transactions. Any ccy conversion charges will be solely the responsibility of the buyer. 

Q-Within India which locations are being catered?

A- Barring the locations with logistical constraints, we are delivering across India.

Q-I’m too busy to explore the shopping portal/ app. Is there a shortcut to save time?

A- Keeping in mind today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we have carefully designed our combos. If there is a shortage of time, you can straightaway proceed Combos and select the one which suits your requirement.

Q-Are we the cheapest in the market?

A- Certainly not. However, we assure you of the best quality authentic product with amazing taste prepared hygienically with highest quality ingredients.

Q-Which are the different weight options available?

A- Currently we only have single weight packing. However, we’ll soon make our products available in other sizes too.

Q- Are you offering franchisee?

A- Currently we are not offering any franchise.